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Are you agency-friendly?

Yes, absolutely! We've partnered and done plenty of work with agencies, who have brought us on to help with their client projects.


Do you offer white-label solutions? 

We do indeed, white-label arrangements must be agreed and signed off by both parties before we commence work.


Can I buy your time on a day-rate basis?

Absolutely. How we structure the work will depend on the nature of the project — generally speaking, we would work on a day-rate basis for an ongoing project or for consultancy.


Can I just commission you for one piece?

You can, email with what you had in mind.


I want to advertise on The Femedic, how can I learn more? 

We offer advertising on The Femedic in the way of sponsored content — we are exploring the potential for banner ads and affiliate links, so watch this space for those services. Email and ask for our current rate card.


Is Femedic Labs a part of The Femedic? 

Yes, Femedic Labs is the name of The Femedic's content and digital strategy service for brands — we decided to give it a different name and standalone website to differentiate it from our media platform,