Edit a series of eye health articles written by medics and intended to educate the general public

Specsavers case study

2,000+ increase in total keyword rankings for eye health pages

37% increase in keywords ranking in the top 3

4+ average pages per visit


Content creation


Consumer, Healthcare

Specsavers needed to build educational sections on their website giving essential information about eye conditions, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, myopia, and glaucoma, and their contact lens products. This content needed to communicate medical and scientific information in a clear, comprehensive, and genuinely useful way.

The solution

We received 30 articles written by Specsavers’ medical professionals on various eye health topics, and worked on:

  • Restructuring for clarity and readability
  • Communicating medical and scientific information clearly and comprehensively
  • Tone and copy-editing
  • Ensuring that all health risks and jargon that were discussed were placed in the proper context. This includes explaining all the terms and concepts used that may be unfamiliar to a non-medical audience, and explaining risks properly so as to not induce anxiety
  • Guidance on establishing a house referencing style — this was inconsistent across different writers

The outcome

The content was very well-received, with our work contributing to successful search and engagement metrics for the eye health section of the site:

2,000+ increase in total keyword rankings for eye health pages

37% increase in keywords ranking in the top 3

4+ average pages per visit

Specsavers case study


"We were one of the first partners to work with The Femedic, at the early stages we could see the potential of the platform and the content plans Monica and team had outlined were both exciting and relevant to our aims. The team are really focused on giving partners full transparency on how investment is spent, and are keen to demonstrate the value of your investment. It’s been good to watch the platform go from strength to strength in such a relatively short time since launch". 

-Paul Ferron, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager, Nature’s Best

"Monica brought a whirlwind of energy and an injection of a much needed, common-sense approach to our marketing strategy when she joined our team at Kindred. She has provided critical direction for our business through her innovative and bespoke marketing research methods, and her output of quality work is exceptionally high. Hiring Monica will raise the bar for your entire team as they will need to race to keep up with her million-miles-an-hour thinking, and brilliantly high standards."

-Anna Anderson, Co-Founder & Director, Kindred

"After meeting and discussing our project with several freelancers, Monica really stood out.  She is extremely experienced in her field of SEO marketing, and had a great insight for what a brand should be, how a brand should sound, and how a brand should communicate with its customer base.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Monica. She is hard working, always committed to deadlines, and really knows what she is doing. A genuine person with a wealth of knowledge and a desire to help you get to where you need to be. Can't wait to continue working with her in the future!"

-Sallar Al-Mulla, Founder, Omami

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