Content production

Best-in-class, end-to-end content production: from sourcing writers to pressing "publish"

Femedic Labs can manage the end-to-end content production process, including sourcing expert writers, briefing them, fact-checking and editing, image sourcing, and publishing

We hold our health content production process to high standards: we have processes for fact-checking, communicating risk, and vetting evidence and experts.

We’re able to help with a range of content production queries across clinical, B2B, and consumer verticals: whether you’d like us to act as your in-house editor, to commission us for a specific piece, or would like our help communicating research in patient materials.

High standards, high quality

Each piece of content we produce must be accurate, trustworthy, inclusive, and genuinely useful.

We ensure this quality through various editorial processes:

  • Identify audience need for the piece
  • Briefing vetted experts to write the piece
  • Editing: fact-checking, reference checking, inclusive language, accurate communication of risk, health literacy (academic and scientific concepts explained)
  • Image sourcing
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Content production - The Femedic

From clinical to consumer verticals, we can produce:

  • Reported features
  • Opinion and news pieces
  • Blog posts
  • Interview series
  • Product pages and website copy
  • Email newsletter copy
  • Patient information leaflets and materials
  • Sponsored content, including blog posts, columns, and more

Depending on the needs of the brief, we can work to a flat project fee, charge by our day rate, or work to an all-inclusive monthly fee.

A network of experts

We work with a rota of practicing medical professionals on content production, and have a network of industry professionals, activists, and diverse voices to produce editorial comment.

Our editorial team are experienced journalists and editors who understand the nuances of creating good health content.

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