Content strategy

Realise the potential of your digital content channels to reach, engage, and communicate with your audience — and to add value to your business

We create holistic, actionable digital content strategies that consider the complete picture of an audience's needs and wants

Every aspect of digital content carries meaning: tone, information, style, language, and more. Our strategies are informed by a thorough research phase that analyses audience behaviour, web content, and search data around a given topic area.

From here, we are able to uncover how we can use content to meet your business goals, including gaining search visibility, brand and service differentiation, and building a loyal and engaged audience.

A thorough research phase

For content to work as hard as possible towards your business goals, we need to understand what value it should deliver and who it is delivering value to.

Our thorough, tried-and-true research methodology analyses various data points within web content, search, and audience behaviour to uncover these essential insights.

The Femedic - Content and SEO strategy
Content strategy - The Femedic

Strategy that targets the whole person

A person’s health needs are not limited to a single query: their symptoms and health experiences are part of their daily lives, where they have a range of needs, interests, habits, and lifestyle preferences.

Our content strategies consider the complete, holistic picture of a person’s needs in relation to a health topic — which may span across clinical and lifestyle (consumer) spaces.

This allows us to engage with our audience at earlier points in their consumer journey, and to nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase decision.

Actionable, practical, effective

Whether for a website, email marketing, or social media, all of our content strategies include clear and practical guidance for how they should be implemented: including guidance on SEO, content types, titles, tone of voice, language use, topic coverage, and more.

Content strategy implementation