Nature’s Best

Reaching and engaging with people living with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), who are trying to get pregnant

Nature's Best case study

72,000+ total page views

2,000+ keyword rankings

Referral traffic to Nature's Best resulting in sales and revenue


Content strategy, Editorial


Consumer, health and wellbeing, supplements

Nature’s Best wanted to reach people living with PCOS and who were trying to get pregnant, to inform them about certain supplements and nutrients that may be able to help. The problem was two-fold: filling an education gap, and reaching people who may benefit from this information.

The solution

We analysed the digital content space around PCOS along with search data, to understand how to reach and engage with people living with the condition who were trying to get pregnant. We uncovered:

  • Audience needs and pain points, and how these progressed as someone moved closer to a purchase decision
  • Opportunities to service questions and concerns not addressed by competitors
  • Opportunities for gaining search visibility within a competitive space
  • Opportunities for emotional and tonal positioning of content: how to address the emotional and lifestyle aspects of living with the condition, alongside clinical information

We completed our analysis and used our insights to create a nine-month content plan, which advised on topics, titles, and tone. We then created this content and ran it as a sponsored column on The Femedic.

The investigation

Taking web content and search terms as data, our analysis considered:

  • Audience need and intent progression in search
  • Competitive analysis: key players and opportunities for visibility and differentiation
  • Informational coverage of PCOS symptoms within competitor content
  • Tone and sentiment analysis of competitor content

The outcome

The content was highly successful:

72,000+ total page views

2,000+ keyword rankings

Referral traffic to Nature's Best resulting in sales and revenue

Nature's Best case study


"We were one of the first partners to work with The Femedic, at the early stages we could see the potential of the platform and the content plans Monica and team had outlined were both exciting and relevant to our aims. The team are really focused on giving partners full transparency on how investment is spent, and are keen to demonstrate the value of your investment. It’s been good to watch the platform go from strength to strength in such a relatively short time since launch". 

-Paul Ferron, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager, Nature’s Best

"Monica brought a whirlwind of energy and an injection of a much needed, common-sense approach to our marketing strategy when she joined our team at Kindred. She has provided critical direction for our business through her innovative and bespoke marketing research methods, and her output of quality work is exceptionally high. Hiring Monica will raise the bar for your entire team as they will need to race to keep up with her million-miles-an-hour thinking, and brilliantly high standards."

-Anna Anderson, Co-Founder & Director, Kindred

"After meeting and discussing our project with several freelancers, Monica really stood out.  She is extremely experienced in her field of SEO marketing, and had a great insight for what a brand should be, how a brand should sound, and how a brand should communicate with its customer base.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Monica. She is hard working, always committed to deadlines, and really knows what she is doing. A genuine person with a wealth of knowledge and a desire to help you get to where you need to be. Can't wait to continue working with her in the future!"

-Sallar Al-Mulla, Founder, Omami

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