Digital insights

Uncover opportunities for differentiation, positioning, and meaningfully connecting with your audience

Marrying journalistic rigour with thorough data analysis, Femedic Lab's digital insights reports provide a clear picture of the trends, audience needs, and opportunities within a digital content space

Each report is bespoke, and uncovers opportunities for how you can add value and be meaningfully visibile within that space.

Treating web content as data, each report analyses various data points — including language use and search terms — alongside interviews with people within your target audience.

Our reports provide actionable insights based around your business goals, and each contains recommendations and guidance for how insights should be interpreted and implemented.

Find out what your audience really wants — and how you can give it to them

Audiences seek out and engage with content online for different reasons, and at different points in time. Our reports not only identify audience needs and pain points but provide specific and actionable insight about how you can meaningfully address these. Each report includes:

  • Executive summary of findings
  • Breakdown of key results and opportunities
  • Overview of competitive space: key players, threats, opportunities
  • Visual summary of key opportunities
  • Practical recommendations for how these can be addressed in ways that meet your business goals
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We can answer questions such as:

  • What sort of feelings and associations do my audience have about my product?
  • How informed are my audience about my solution, and what information are they missing?
  • What are my audience's pain points, and how do these progress over time?
  • How can I differentiate myself against my competitors?
  • Which trends are shaping the digital space around my product and how can I incorporate this into my work?
  • How can I create inclusive content and communications?
  • How can I form a connection with my audience?

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