Not a pink version of weightlifting: an analysis into the women's weightlifing search space

Weightlifting report download

Weightlifting has traditionally been seen as a masculine activity: something that takes brute strength, grit, and of course, a muscular physique. But thanks to culture shifts around gender norms and equality, more people are realising that these traits aren’t only the province of men — and more women are picking up weights.

Weightlifting report download

The Femedic have teamed up with Vine Insights to investigate the search space around women's weightlifting. Our analysis considered the types of questions women are asking online about weightlifting, and how well brands are responding.

We uncovered three key insights for how brands can better serve and connect with their female lifter audiences.

Your report includes:

  • An overview of the trends and opportunities within the women's weightlifting search space, including how language use and intent has changed over time
  • A breakdown of three insights identified in our analysis, including a summary of relevant data points
  • Analysis of top brand and publisher content that responds to audience questions: how effective is this content and how can it improve?
  • Takeaways and advice for how brands can understand these insights and take action from them

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